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Understanding Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry handles the area of dentistry responsible for replacing your damaged, worn or missing teeth. It's no secret that the condition of your teeth impacts not only your looks and perception of yourself, but they also greatly affect your overall health. At Vermont Dental Care we focus on placing crowns, bridges and dental implants to restore your self-confidence, looks and health. In this section we will focus on crowns and bridges, but if you feel that you may be in need of a dental implant please Click Here.


Most ideal for broken teeth or people suffering from tooth decay, crowns are caps that are placed over your tooth to protect it. The cap itself is made of a hard, whitened polymer that resembles your natural tooth.


Crowns and Bridges are similar in that they both cover your tooth's structure with an artificial substance that resembles and has the integrity of a natural tooth. Where these procedures differ is that bridges cover the gap between your missing teeth for a more natural look.
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