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Dental Examinations in Barre and Winooski, Vermont

Dental exams are a part of our preventive dentistry and important to the health of your teeth; they assist in preventing damage as well as diagnosing any current issues that you may be having. We conduct X-Rays, Prophylaxis and Scaling to assess your teeth and discover problems such as cavities, decay and cracked teeth. Prevent your smile from decaying when you come to us for affordable preventive dentistry. During your visit, we use a fluoride treatment to prevent decaying of your beautiful white teeth. We also use sealants to prevent decaying on the biting surface of your teeth.

Don't let your yellowing teeth prevent you from showing off your radiant smile. Instead, come to our office for affordable teeth whitening procedures so you can achieve a white smile that gives you confidence. Our office uses custom trays to place over your teeth, as well as professional Crest™ Whitestrips® to give you a white smile you can proudly show off. With two convenient locations for you and your family, schedule an appointment or visit Vermont Dental Care today.